MOR Petite candle Lychee Flower

MOR Petite candle Lychee Flower


Without discernment

Fill your home with the welcoming scent of the MOR Lychee Flower Petite Candle.


This delightful candle comes in a compact size but packs a punch in the fragrance stakes. Infusing the room with notes of lychee flowers, ripe berries, powdery florals and green forest woods, the candle offers amazing fragrance release and comes in vintage inspired packaging that will look delightful sat upon your dressing table. Hand poured for a high quality finish, the MOR Lychee Flower Petite Candle has been made using soya wax for a cleaner and longer burn that ensures you will get the optimum 14 hour burn time. A must-have for any candle enthusiast, the decorative packaging and enchanting scent is sure to bring a smile to your face.


Size: 60 g

Material: Soy wax, 100% Cotton lead free wick

Hand poured

Stock status: 4 pcs. in stock

Category: Accessories


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