The designer


Viola Sky is for women who know that lingerie is not just for special occasions
– it's for everyday life


My collections are inspired by many things. Some of the ideas that I keep getting drawn to are: The fine, dusty pastel colours of the 50's pin-up girls, the innocence and playfulness of burlesque and Marie Antoinette's candy-coloured universe. These elements are reflected in the colour schemes I choose and in silhouettes I love that embrace and highlight the female figure.

I enjoy beautiful colours and anything that shines and glitters. Lingerie is so feminine, sensuous and fun that I adore creating pieces for women to wear and have a little luxury in their lives every day. This makes me truly happy.

What fascinates me about lingerie is that it is so important and yet it is not noticeable to others in our day-to-day lives. Great lingerie gives us shape and support to make our clothes fit. It's comfortable and beautiful at the same time. Lingerie is the first thing you put on in the morning, it is the clothing that sits closest to your skin and it is the last thing you, or maybe someone else,
removes before you go to bed ...

With love,
Sonja Wolffbrandt Christensen