Lingerie care guide

When you wash…

Always start by reading the care label in your lingerie. Close any hooks and place your lingerie in a laundry bag (available at most supermarkets).
Always use laundry bags as they help protect your lingerie and get it to last much longer.
When washing a few pieces, use more than one laundry bag to avoid that the bag being too full and your underwear not being washed properly.

Silk should always be washed with powder or liquid that does not contain enzymes and is created specifically for silk.

You can wash your underwear by hand or machine, according to the care instructions on the lingerie.
Materials such as cotton, viscose and polyamide can withstand ordinary detergent without bleach and can be washed at 30 to 40 degrees in the machine.
Your lingerie should never be tumble dried. 


Do not wash your lingerie with other coarse materials, such as. jeans or with parts that can tear grab such as zippers, buttons and velcro.

When you dry...

To maintain your lingerie's form, pull it carefully into shape before hanging it to dry. Do not use clothes pegs, but hang it over your clothesline or lie pieces flat to dry.
Bras should lie flat to dry, or the middle piece can be hung over the clothesline.
Adjust padded bras so they keep their shape.
Silk should not be twisted or spun. Hang it to dry soaking wet to avoid creases and lines in the fabric.


It's a good idea to sort your underwear into categories and colours.
It looks beautiful, it's inviting and makes it easy to find what you're looking for when you choose what to wear.
Organise briefs, bras and tops into separate sections and consider putting briefs into a drawer or in boxes in nice colours. You can arrange your bras in the same way.
Tops require a little more space and can either be on a shelf or hung on soft, padded hangers.
When you sort your lingerie by colour, separate it into light and dark shades.
Fold the clothes nicely. It makes them last much longer; padded bras lose their shape when you curl them or fold them in half to store.

Lingerie that smells great

Place lavender sachets and soaps in fine paper in your lingerie drawer.
It smells wonderful when you open your drawers and wardrobes.

When you travel

Place your lingerie in a delicate lingerie purse that you have chosen for the trip.
A lingerie bag protects and reduces creasing so your underwear still looks nice when you unpack it.

When to replace your lingerie

You know that it's time to get new lingerie when:
1. Colours start to fade.
2. The fabric begins to look worn.
3. The elastic starts losing its bounce.
4. Pieces start to hang or fit loosely.