About Viola

Viola Sky is luxury lingerie for every day wear.

“My mission is to make affordable luxury lingerie for every day wear.
Viola Sky is inspired by the pin-up universe, fine dusty pastel colours and the and playfullness of 50ties – Elements, which embrace and highlight the female figure.”

Sonja Wolffbrandt Christensen created Viola Sky when she recognised the need for lingerie that makes women feel sensual and feminine in her everyday life, not just on those special occasions. She says, “Life is too short not to have luxury in your life every day”. 
Growing up, Sonja was always sewing – She has a background as a clothing designer but as her passion for lingerie grew, she taught herself to design intimate pieces using comfort, feel and fit as her guide. 

After a challenging time in her life, Sonja became determined to follow her dream and establish a brand that would create lingerie to make women look and feel fantastic. Sonja manages every aspect of Viola Sky, starting with sourcing stunning fabrics, then creating lingerie designs and overseeing all company operations.