Lingerie gift guide

Lingerie buying guide to the man

Women love to be pampered and receive luxury gifts. Buying lingerie for your loved one is perhaps the most romantic thing you can do. It is a personal gift that is special to you both.
Choosing lingerie as a gift on special occasions is always a success, but it is perhaps an even greater success to surprise her with a gift when she least expects it.

Here are simple 5-steps guide for a man to make safe lingerie choices

  1.  Think about what kind of lingerie she likes, rather than buying what you guess she likes. Look in her drawers and closets to identify her style.
  2. Find her size by looking at the lingerie she already has in her drawer. Very simple!
  3. Choose whether you want to buy lingerie, she can use for everyday, or whether it should be for special occasions.
  4. Her body type matters. Once you find the lingerie you like, think of your partner's relationship with her body. Is she conservative, practical, feminine or dramatic? Choose the colour and style that you think best reflect her personality.
  5. It's all in the details. Now that you've gone you so much trouble to find the right lingerie for your special someone, it also comes with style. We offer gift wrapping service at Check Out. A special designed Viola Sky gift box with tissue paper to make it extra delicious. You can also write a personal message which we print out a nice card. You find it all on your way to the check out.