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About Viola Sky

the designer

my mission

My passion is to explore my creativity and create beautiful underwear for women that enhances their beauty and gives them a sense of confidence and comfort deep inside. I am passionate about helping women of all sizes and shapes feel beautiful, confident and well-dressed by offering underwear made from premium materials with the perfect fit. I believe that when women feel beautifully dressed in underwear, it can have a positive impact on their confidence and life energy.

Viola Sky underwear is a natural extension of my personal quest to create a beautiful balance between functionality and style while expressing my own unique style. Colors are my source of joy and I love to play with them to create beautiful and eye-catching designs. I am fascinated by the soft, delicate materials and always strive to use them to create underwear that feels as beautiful as it looks.

My designs are carefully considered with special attention to women's sensitive areas and body shapes. I always focus on creating underwear that takes into account the individual needs and comfort requirements of women, such as those who have undergone caesarean sections, women with varying breast sizes, or soft bellies that need a little extra support.

Beautiful underwear is not limited to a certain body type and it can be a great way to show yourself love. My hope is to be able to inspire other women to appreciate their bodies and prioritize beautiful and well-fitting underwear as the foundation of their daily attire.

Kind regards Sonja Wolffbrandt Christense